Monday, January 19, 2009

When will the economy recover?

Pundits say that the recession started in December 2007. By December 2008, world economy has been in recession for 12 months. A typical US recession lasted for about 12 months and a typical worldwide recession lasted for 12-18 months. Now, we are into the 13th month of recession. Should the US economy recover in 2nd half of 2009 or it would recover in first half of 2010? When would the worldwide economy recover?

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  1. I guess this time it would last longer and spill over to the second half of 2009 as well. A time frame of about 22 months.

    Typically Other economies like the Asian economies catch the bug later from US and the recession lasts longer as well. South east asian economies will face it till 2010 first half.

    Indian economy will continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace. I hope atleast 6%.

    Well I did my bit of Crystal Gazing. But I believe it to be true.